A-Kon 2013 (Dallas, TX): Gaming Cosplay Part II Here’s another...

A-Kon 2013 (Dallas, TX): Gaming Cosplay Part II

Here’s another set of amazing cosplayers that visited us at the Glitch booth over the weekend.  As you can see, some of these get-up’s are mind blowing.

If you point your eyes to Robert and Rosalind Lutece up above, I’d like to touch on their commendable commitment to the cos-of-the-play.  Firstly, they were actually brother and sister.  Secondly, using the chalkboard and coin, they performed the entire “Heads or Tails” bit in character, word for word, and nailed it.  It’s one thing to dress up as your favorite character, it’s another thing entirely to channel them dead on.

Once again, a big ol’ Red Herb thanks to all that allowed me to stop them and take shitty camera phone snapshots.  More pics to come.

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