‘A New Chapter in the Dead Space Saga’ Springs Out of a Vent to...

‘A New Chapter in the Dead Space Saga’ Springs Out of a Vent to Attack You

With no fanfare and no warning, the official Dead Space site updated their page with a preview of…something.  The video plays out like a motion comic (sort of like the original game’s prequel series but with better art) depicting the planet Uxor.   Earthgov Sergeant John Carver is on patrol having a video feed spat with his wife over his absentee fathering just when the sky starts raining burning ships down on the colony before him…the ensuing destruction revealing what Carver guards: none other than a goddamn Marker, one of the supernatural totems at the core of the series’ necromorphic disasters.

Best guess as to just what the hell EA is teasing?  Preamble to Dead Space 3Of the information recently leaked, Carver’s appearance and fancy rig line right up with the description of Isaac Clarke’s new co-op partner.  Plus, the icey backdrop fits the long rumored setting snugly.  Besides these hints, the preview is short, vague, and reveals next to nothing but, my, is it enjoyable.

With E3 right around the corner, do you think they’d simply be hyping up a full motion comic as opposed to another game?  Dead Space is one of the last bastions of modern day survival horror and, despite this, still somehow manages to churn out a decent buck.  Anything with the latter trait doesn’t lie dormant long.  Oh, these be the stirrings before a new game, friends.

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