Aliens: Colonial Marines (PC/PS3/Wii U/X360) - February 12th,...

Aliens: Colonial Marines (PC/PS3/Wii U/X360) - February 12th, 2013

You’re looking at a game built from the ground up on fan service.  From the multitude of xenomorph designs including H.R. Giger’s original palpitation inducing concept and Cameron’s spiney, perpetually pissed off war machines to the hulking derelict wreck prevalent in Ridley Scott’s Alien and Prometheus…Even the sound design is plucked directly from the films for authenticity’s sake.  This is the Aliens game we’ve been craving since we first heard the hollow sputter of a pulse rifle burst and, more than that, pre-release buzz has it that this one’s an extreme amount of fun.

Gearbox, you have my trust and, soon, you’ll have my money.

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