“…all of the games went through a lot of challenges to get where...

…all of the games went through a lot of challenges to get where they did in the end. With RE4 we had numerous system changes, and RE5 had the co-op feature that had never been done in the series before. With RE6 we also want to challenge something brand new and this is something we’ll be telling you all about in the coming months.”

IGN has posted an intriguing interview with Resident Evil 6 producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi.  Unfortunately, every question is met by the producer with an air of “I can’t really say anything more besides the goddamn name of the game."  Hirabayashi more or less confirms we’ll see different kinds of gameplay situations like Leon facing traditional horror elements and Chris Falcon-punching boulders in his more action-heavy scenarios, but the producer was resistant to confirming if game mechanics would differ between the styles.

If traversing to the article is a feat, I’ll summarize the contents: Resident Evil 6 will have characters, features, and plot elements.  Want to know more?  Gotta clock in some time speculating first.  Snag up Revelations tomorrow, folks.  We’ve got quite a long trip before November.

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