Always-Online an Issue for You? “Deal With It” The kerfuffle...

Always-Online an Issue for You?  “Deal With It”

The kerfuffle above: Microsoft Studios’ creative director, Adam Orth, engaged in a heated Tweet-off with the next Mass Effect’s senior game designer, Manveer Heir, over an “always-online” console.

The exchange was likely sparked after another rumor hit the web today concerning the next Xbox’s keen ability to prevent the start up of games and applications if users don’t have an internet connection or suspend active ones if your connection drops.  Which, despite speaking to you through the limitless wonder of the internet, sounds absolutely fucking awful.  Before locking his Twitter account from public scrutiny, Mr. Orth offered up some…colorful analogies clearly illustrating that our disdain for always-online gaming is riddled with fallacy.

“The mobile reception in the area I live in is spotty and unreliable. I will not buy a mobile phone."  I guess "switch providers” is off the table.

Here’s my fave: “Sometimes the electricity goes out. I will not purchase a vacuum cleaner."  I’m getting that embroidered on a jacket, no doubt.  Check out more Tweets from Orth hereabouts (thanks again, NeoGaf).

So, are Mr. Orth’s comments indicative that today’s rumor of an always-online Next-Box ring true?  Ugh, probably.  Microsoft’s reveal is sure to come and answers will follow; though, I have a suspicion the big M might downplay that whole game suspension business. 

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