An Outbreak of Resident Evil 6 Details Surface with a Trailer and...

An Outbreak of Resident Evil 6 Details Surface with a Trailer and an Earlier Release Date

The press embargo on any and all announcements made at last week’s Captivate expo in Rome has been lifted and now we can proudly say we have more of a goddamned idea as to what is going on in Resident Evil 6.

Burying the Ashley vs. Sherry hatchet, Sherry Birkin comes out on top, revealed as the mysterious girl that partners with the new merc character referred to as Jake Mueller…Oh, and the merc is actually the “colossal imbecile” Albert Wesker’s son!  Your head isn’t spinning fast enough.  Here, take this: Ada Wong returns and she’s the fucking bad guy of the whole show who evokes Chris’ bloodlust for revenge over fallen comrades (dude seriously hates losing partners).

Still not knocked off your feet, huh?  Remember that November 20th release date?  Begone.  Resident Evil 6 is arriving earlier, being made available for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 on October 2nd.  Now you’re floored.  (If not, you must have amazing balance or hate the “Wesker’s son” thing –  I can’t tell from my side of the screen wherein which I’m fanboying fairly loudly).

I’ll glaze over some knowledge that is sure to fly around the internet today starting with the multiplayer: co-op returns to the campaign, online and split-screen, in an improved form over RE5, allowing players to drop in and out of matches with ease, now without the restrictions of checkpoints or resetting a mission.  The famed Mercenaries mode also makes a return, unlocked from the start.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see an advanced version of the mode that picks and pulls features from the 3DS’ own Mercenaries 3D and Revelations’ Raid Mode.  More multiplayer details are on the way.

And unfortunately for you Nintendo advocates, a Wii U version of the game is not currently in the works, but also not off the table.  I’m confident Capcom wants to see some worthy sales figures before they spend energy on porting their huge blockbuster to a system that’s being reported around the industry as not quite as powerful as some claim.

That’s your RE6 lowdown for the moment.  The more I hear, the more I’ll report.  Until then…good God, I’m excited.  The sixth installment is looking like the best mix of old and contemporary RE to grace consoles since, well, Revelations.  Thanks to the October bump, we’ll get to test the game’s mettle sooner than we thought.

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