Battlefield 4 Screens Hit the Web and They Are a Beaut Be it...

Battlefield 4 Screens Hit the Web and They Are a Beaut

Be it land, air, or sea, Battlefield 4 wants to take the series to uncanny new heights.  I’m not a huge supporter of the franchise – yes, I’m terrible at them; thanks for asking – but I do love me those graphics, brought to you by the new Frostbite 3 engine.

While the title is dropping for the Xbox 360 and PS3, it doesn’t take more than a wild glance at these screens to figure we’re looking at either high end PC or perhaps, if I may be so bold, next-gen captures.  An official gameplay trailer drops later on today, so expect this spot to be updated with a link because I likes ya.

UPDATED: No, I don’t know why it’s dirt quality, nor could I imagine how tainted one’s soul must be to mix Rhianna and a military shooter together and still be able to convincingly smile at small children without them erupting into tears, but the point is Battlefield 4 has got itself a trailer!

If thirty seconds of footage is not enough for your eyes to munch on, you glutton, then take solace in the seventeen minute gameplay reveal on the official Battlefield site due for tomorrow.

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