Behold, Castlevania Fans, the 3DS is Receiving Mirror of Fate...

Behold, Castlevania Fans, the 3DS is Receiving Mirror of Fate This Fall

And this is the official trailer for it.

A common complaint leveled at the original Lords of Shadow was that, while a smartly executed action game, it failed to capture the essence of old school Castlevania.  It’s true, LoS was a vastly different kind of experience that landed miles away from the Metroid-vania side-scrollers the series is loved for.  It didn’t stop me from enjoying (well, actually, friggin’ worshipping) LoS, but I, too, missed the 2D days of old.

That’s what makes Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate (I run out of breath saying it) so appealing.  While not visually restricted to it, Mirror of Fate binds the 2D platforming from the series’ past with the combo-laden hack n’ slash play style prevalent today.

Konami seems deadset on supporting the Lords of Shadow license, but developer MercurySteam seems to want classic ’Vania implemented in all sorts of ways, including a years-spanning storyline featuring Simon and Trevor Belmont in their attempt to thwart the stain in their lineage, Dracula.  Mirror of Fate, arriving exclusively to the 3DS this Fall, is also said to setup next year’s Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2.  I guess you don’t kill Dracula in Mirror of Fate, but I honestly like Gabe too much to see the dude staked.

UPDATE: During Nintendo’s 3DS showcase, Konami confirmed the presence of series favorite Alucard as a playable character in the new handheld title.  Besides Trevor and Simon, one other controllable character remains unrevealed.

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