Black Ops 2 is Definitely Our Call of Duty This Year Sent into...

Black Ops 2 is Definitely Our Call of Duty This Year

Sent into the site by an IGN reader, the above Target pre-order card officially confirms what the dull roar of the internet has been saying for weeks: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is Activision and Treyarch’s next annual release.

Set for an official reveal May 1st during the NBA play-offs, Black Ops 2 is rumored to actually take place in a near-future setting rather than carry on with the first game’s Cold War backdrop.  Whether this places continuity after Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare timeline is yet to be determined.  More than likely – just as in the first title – we’ll see a narrative that hops from date to date in an effort to tell a more encompassing story; something that Treyarch is getting better at pulling off.

I know Modern Warfare 3’s staleness left a lot of dour fans out there but I’m personally leaving my misgivings for that game and its now fractured development team at the door.  Treyarch, a studio once famous for shitty ports and forgettable sequels, acts as if they have something big to prove every time the CoD ball is in their court.  I’m hoping when Black Ops 2 drops on November 13th this year – in response to MW3’s dulled edge – that Treyarch once again comes out swinging.

Now excuse me while I mourn another year without Space Warfare (you’re fucking killing me, Activision).

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