Borderlands 2 (PC/PS3/X360 - September 18th) As far as my...

Borderlands 2 (PC/PS3/X360 - September 18th)

As far as my must-have’s list goes, this summer is proving to be, fittingly, a bit of a dry spell.  The air will once more be tolerable by the time Borderlands 2 comes out, but even a drop in temperature will fall short of how refreshing it’ll be to jump right back into Gearbox’s comic styled, gun-crazed, loot hoarding universe.

What Gearbox was happily willing to share over the weekend’s Comic-Con blitz showed signs of a tighter, thought-out sequel that almost seems obsessed in bettering every one of the first game’s ills.  From little improvements like cross-character perks that better your entire cast instead of just one, to big renovations like centralizing where you get and cash-in missions into a single hub.  Having a hub base is going to do you a world of good since Pandora is roughly twice as large as our first visit.

There was certainly a lot to love about Borderlands, but even this early out, there looks like a lot more to love about Borderlands 2 (and I’m pretty sure that’s impossible).

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