Buying Darkstalkers 3 is Your Best Shot at Guaranteeing...

Buying Darkstalkers 3 is Your Best Shot at Guaranteeing Darkstalkers 4

Capcom’s offbeat fighting series knows not the taste of mainstream success, happily flying under the radar since its inception.  The games are a few parts Street Fighter and a lot of parts fucking weird, but their cult following has been vocal enough to keep Darkstalkers’ characters visible throughout the years, meriting the hope for fans that a new title was waiting in the wings.

With rumors of a fourth game timidly swirling the news circuit, Darkstalkers 3’s fresh re-release on PSN today as a PSOne classic signifies to me that Capcom has tossed a baited line in the water in order to see what bites.  Available for $5.99, downloading this fighting classic is the greatest way for you to tell Capcom you want a next-gen Darkstalkers in one form or another.

The company may be hard of hearing (so far ignoring our very vocal pleas to resuscitate Mega Man Legends 3 from cancellation a.k.a. The Worst Thing to Happen in 2011 That Didn’t Involve the Sony Blackout), but money happens to be the loudest language.  Even if you could give a shit about tossing green Capcom’s way, Darkstalkers 3 comes at high recommendation for 2D fighting enthusiasts (or people that love half-nude vampire chicks a.k.a. everyone).

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