Check Out Our First Dead Space 3 Trailer Watch the thrilling...

Check Out Our First Dead Space 3 Trailer

Watch the thrilling return of Isaac and the mysterious reappearance of Ellie’s missing eye hereabouts.

Oh, Dead Space, I’m so goddamn glad you’re back.  And you came back with that co-op I asked for!  Okay, yes, I agree having another breathing, thinking player huffing into a headset as your partner musses the horror atmosphere in games like RE5.  But there’s compromises that can made.  Visceral tried its damnedest to counter your Rambo-like arsenal of firepower and the upped ratio of action over scares in Dead Space 2 by overwhelming you with the amount of rotting freaks you had to dispatch (the results were mixed, but fear factor aside, the game was sensational).

I don’t think they should simply multiply the amount of things to shoot at in DS3, though.  The trick to maintaining tension is finding weaknesses in players’ safety nets, even while in co-op.  If Visceral can somehow find a method of making two quick-to-react, intelligent human partners still feel vulnerable mere virtual feet away from each other, it doesn’t matter if the game takes place entirely in broad daylight – it’ll be scary.

Expect Dead Space 3 for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 in February alongside the mad rush of games suddenly releasing in early 2013.

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