Chow Down on The Walking Dead: Season Two Trailer As Telltale...

Chow Down on The Walking Dead: Season Two Trailer

As Telltale busies itself in all manner of projects – from Borderlands to Game of Thrones – they’ve still found time to continue the series that put them on the map.

Our darling Clem is growing up. Unfortunately, she’s growing up in a less than favorable circumstance: in the middle of a worldwide catastrophe where the dead walk and devour the living. Players are saddled with the privilege of navigating Clementine through the apocalypse directly. Probably not the easiest of tasks, given that even making the right choice one moment can lead to death-by-biting the next. But that’s why we love this series.

The Walking Dead: Season Two’s first chapter, “All That Remains,” releases this month PC, PS3, PS Vita, Xbox 360, Ouya, and iOS. Jesus Christ, that’s a widespread infection of ports not seen since the days of Tony Hawk Pro Skater sinking its teeth into every platform.

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