Dead Island: Riptide Cheaper Because of Its End-of-Console-Cycle...

Dead Island: Riptide Cheaper Because of Its End-of-Console-Cycle Release

We’re a short while yet away from learning anything of value about Techland’s Dead Island sequel (a full reveal is scheduled later this Summer), but oddly enough, we already know how much it’ll cost.  Thanks to a representative at Dead Island: Riptide’s publisher, Deep Silver, the sequel’s price point has been confirmed to be $49.99 – a whole $10 below the average new game release price tag.  You’re tempted to look outside to see if the sky’s falling but I assure you everything is nominal.

The sequel isn’t operating on a stunted budget and none of the content retreads the original game (not literally, anyway).  Deep Silver attests the pricing was set lower than norm due to the fact that this console generation is coming to a close.  If that’s the case, Dead Island just might be a trendsetter – a trend I fully support.

With next-gen dev kits already being distributed by the big manufactures, we won’t have long to wait until we see new consoles.  Sony and Microsoft want us to believe otherwise, but if Deep Silver’s decision is any indication, companies are already gaining way for what comes next.

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