Details Drop for Limbo’s Sequel, ’Project 2’ Expanding on core...

Details Drop for Limbo’s Sequel, ’Project 2

Expanding on core conceits from the critically acclaimed Limbo, developer Playdead returns to the world that put them on the map.  Referred to as Project 2, the game once again sees a young boy face down the forces of evil as his enemies are now harvesting human bodies for grotesque experimentation.  Ah, yes, there’s that stroke of demented artistry we were looking for.

Fans can expect the same blend of puzzle-platforming from the first entry, this time with a shift in visual style.  No more is the game restricted to a black and white scheme, as we’ll now see splashes of color within the frame of 3D environments.  However, gameplay still plays out in the second dimension, in step with the original.

Project 2 is early in its gestation period but even without a date, we know we’ll be returning to Limbo soon enough once the game releases for Mac, PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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