Devastate Raccoon City Through Social Media and Get Free…...

Devastate Raccoon City Through Social Media and Get Free… Somethings!

ResidentEvil.Net, the internet’s biggest pooling of T-virus zombie headshot statistics, is hosting a special promotion where fans get to outpace pharmaceutical giant, Umbrella, and infect Raccoon City themselves.

If enough people register here, a map of Raccoon begins to fill up with outbreak zones in real-time. If the “critical” goal is met, participants score some free content for the upcoming remade remake of 2002’s Resident Evil. Could it be guns? Could it be extra modes? Could it be the triumphant return of Chris’ beastly BDSM leather daddy outfit?

“I’ve come here to kick ass and wear a shirt, and I’m all out of shirt.”

Registration also comes with a nifty personalized un-death certificate from Raccoon General to nerd up your social media outlets with. I wasn’t a cop before death but that apparently changed with my zombification.

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