Devil May Cry Also Runs to 2013 Ninja Theory’s...

Devil May Cry Also Runs to 2013

Ninja Theory’s prequel-reboot-thing of Capcom’s flagship Devil May Cry series joins the slew of titles heartbreakingly shoved to the first quarter of 2013, now slated for January 15th.  Unfortunately, PC fans, that date only applies to the PS3 and 360 releases of the game, with your version still to come later in the year.

So,what the livid hell is going on here?  Why do games keep running away from 2012?  Publishers must know something we don’t.  Hell, maybe GTAV really is coming out in October and video games collectively understand to avoid Rockstar’s blast radius.  Whatever the case, the hack n’ slash genre continues to go on unaccounted for with entries like DmC and God of War: Ascension stuck in the future of 2013 instead of where they’re most needed – now, spinning in my consoles, satisfying my virtual bloodlust.

Back to the matter at hand, Capcom revealed the above screens introducing Kat, Dante’s companion and, knowing Ninja Theory, likely his moral compass.  Whether you love or hate the direction it’s going, expect to see more DmC between now and the game’s forever-the-hell-away date in January, including more baby-faced Dante at Capcom’s E3 booth next month.

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