DmC UPDATE: Bloody Palace Mode and Vergil’s Downfall Hitting This...

DmC UPDATE: Bloody Palace Mode and Vergil’s Downfall Hitting This Month

Having effectively driven a rail spike between the critics that dote over it (Hiya) and the jilted gaming public that’s shit on it (check out this hilarious disparity), Ninja Theory’s month-old DmC, regardless of the confusing hate/love surrounding it, is pumping out new content steadfast.

Beginning with the return of the beloved Bloody Palace – Devil May Cry’s horde mode before there was such a thing – players can look forward to a gauntlet of punishment befitting a true Son of Sparda as soon as next week.  The mode comes way of a title update filled with tweaks and fixes including, but not limited to, boss AI adjustment and increased enemy damage for some of the higher difficulties (yikes).  The 360 receives the update Tuesday and the PS3 scores it Wednesday.

The first dose of story DLC, Vergil’s Downfall, is also arriving sometime before February’s out.  As the name suggests, players take control of the other Son of Sparda in his own three to five hour quest.  Fans will be pleased to know Vergil’s mini-campaign wisely opts not to recycle levels or events from Dante’s story and instead offers up completely new environments for you to tear through.

Sadly, the main game’s dynamically choreographed cutscenes are replaced with motion-comic style animations that progress the story a la Castlevania: Lords of Shadow’s so-so DLC.  Guess a penny only stretches so far when it comes to reboots.  Vergil’s Downfall will set you back $7.99/720 Points to download or, better yet, free if you pre-ordered the game.  Give us a visit when we review the add-on in all its hack n’ slashing glory.

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