Dynasty Warriors and The Legend of Zelda Combine; Yes, Seriously...

Dynasty Warriors and The Legend of Zelda Combine; Yes, Seriously

A new Nintendo Direct aired today and with it came tons of updates on the company’s beloved franchises.

Luigi apparently just got his doctorate, now the star of Dr. Luigi. Everybody’s favorite shoe-wearing dinosaur bought some more real estate in Yoshi’s New Island. Rosalina stepped into the arena of Smash Bros. 4 despite my not knowing who the hell Rosalina is.

But all of these announcements paled in comparison to the debut of the greatest video game crossover (that no one had the wits nor gall to even ask for in the first place) ever. Ladies, gentlemen, and variations thereupon: meet Hyrule Warriors, the peanut buttercup mixing of Tecmo Koei’s Dynasty Warriors and Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda.

Now I don’t know what you stand for and I haven’t any estimation of your moral compass, but I stand for what’s right, and this game feels too fucking right. Hyrule Warriors isn’t the first crossover in Tecmo’s stable of single button hack n’ slashers – Dynasty Warriors: Gundam is on its third entry while One Piece: Pirate Warriors recently dropped its second – but it is the first game where the looped music likely won’t make you slam your controller into your eardrum.

Nintendo wishes to assure fans that the tentatively named Hyrule Warriors is a separate title from the previously mentioned “Next Zelda” being developed for Wii U; it’s a collaboration with Tecmo Koei, utilizing their series’ “tried and true” combat (see: “flogged and fatigued”) with familiar friendlies and enemies alike from Zelda lore.

I have a soft spot for Dynasty Warriors tenderer than under cooked chicken (God, I’m horrible at similes). It’s unrepentant, mindlessly repetitive action. Which is precisely why I love it. Now chock full of Zelda goodness? This shall be my stupidest, yet foremost reason for wanting a Wii U.

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