EA: Absolutely Nothing in the Pipeline for Wii U Here’s the...

EA: Absolutely Nothing in the Pipeline for Wii U

Here’s the byline bouncing around this evening: Despite EA announcing an “unprecedented partnership” between itself and Nintendo at E3 circa 2011, the game publishing giant has revealed it currently has no games in development for the struggling Wii U.

That oath, made while CEO John Riccitiello had a clasp on the company’s reigns, manifested in several ports of popular titles – Mass Effect 3, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, and Madden included – that long since had homes on the Xbox 360 and PS3.  According to EA’s spokesperson, Jeff Brown, those handful of ports encompass the whole of their Wii U partnership, ensuring future blockbusters such as Battlefield 4, FIFA, and Madden 25 won’t be making it onto Nintendo’s newest console.

Having that waterway dry up –  the"waterway" here referring to one of the biggest third-party publishers in the world – further shoves Wii U into a rough corner.  But, as Kotaku illustrates, ever since the first Wii third-parties have had a hell of a hard time finding success on Nintendo’s systems.  Usually Nintendo’s first-party hits take up the lion’s share of sales while third-parties are left to scavenge for scraps.  Follow that with Nintendo’s increasingly upward slope of a fight to put their hardware in gamers’ homes, and even the big boys like EA are turning their back to the Japanese monolith.

Business is business, however, and EA isn’t likely to give Wii U the lifetime shunning if the system starts to perform well.  Hell, EA might even be threatening a drought just to incite Nintendo into shaping up and narrowing their focus on pushing their console.  Just a musing.  Ultimately, time – and your dollars – will tell.

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