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E3: Resident Evil 7, Capcom, Interior 

I was tasked with making the wall graphics for the interior of the Resident Evil 7 house for E3. Right away I knew that I would not be able to create these using vector graphics, due to the nature of the stains and decay needed for creepy vibes. Working of off screenshots from the Demo we found a similar vector pattern and started placing onto raster wall photos in Ps. Spent a lot of time scrolling in Google Images and Stock Images to find all the best stains and cracks for the wall. My CD is very specific when it comes to the type of wood and railing needed for the art, so no faking it.

If I remember correctly I made these files at ¼th scale at 300dpi. Even at a fourth the raster files would be large, so I built several different files for each section of the wall and placed them into a PSB for printing. 

This kind of organic photoshop work is a lot of fun because there are no mistakes, just a lot experimenting with blending modes and different textures. I think overall I had more fun doing the interior, due to the variety of the art and the grunginess of it. 

For some reason, in my mind, I thought the hallways would be it with white light, like the flashlight in the game, so I was surprised when I got there and saw the dark red lighting. I think red light def gave more vibes and with all the picture frames and lighting fixtures, all picked out by my CD.

I learned that more bleeds are the best bleeds, turns out the material printed on didn’t stretch as expected and some last minute patching was needed. My CD sorted it out on site, but I’ve duly noted to not always trust bleeds required by client or printed. If you’ve got the time, add more bleeds!

Demand for demoing the game was so high I couldn’t get in without a ticket. I just got to look into the hallways from the outside like a lost puppy. But luckily my CD sent me some great photos for my portfolio. 

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