Evolve Bursts Through the Trees This October You’re not alone out...

Evolve Bursts Through the Trees This October

You’re not alone out there. No, I’m not referring to your three, twitchy comrades ready to spray lead at anything that ruffles a bush. I’m talking about the hulking monstrosity stalking you from behind the treeline; the thing that you’ve tricked yourself into thinking you’re hunting.

Turtle Rock Studios, the house that brought you the co-op sensation Left 4 Dead, returns to the scene with a new take on cooperative multiplayer action (the “new” being the experience of having your body slammed against a rock by a thirty-foot tall creature who’s punched its way out of a Corman movie).

Publisher 2K has announced Evolve will launch globally October 21st on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Multiple monsters, hunter classes to play as, and dozens of maps are promised on disc as soon as the game hits shelves.

One of the more titillating next-gen only affairs announced this year, I’m hoping Turtle Rock can outshine the zombie shooting legacy it relinquished to Valve in Left 4 Dead. If this “4v1” experiment works, the better question will be, which is more fun? Tearing a monster down one bullet at a time or tearing a hunter apart one limb at a time?

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