Expect Word on Metal Gear Solid 5 Next Month from Kojima Himself

Metal Gear RayHideo Kojima’s been feeling gabby about his upcoming projects, apparently.  Next month’s issue of Official PlayStation Magazine UK is set to feature an interview with the Metal Gear pioneer.

Besides delving into Project Ogre – his next big thing that has zero to due with government conspiracies and hiding beneath boxes – Kojima’s going to blow the lid off Metal Gear Solid 5.  Reportedly, the inevitable death of Solid Snake may be a key plot point because, as Kojima tells it, ol’ David should have bit it already.  Mayhaps we’ll have word if MGS5 will be a direct continuation of 4 or if Kojima plans on time hopping around like in Snake Eater (where the narrative filled in the blanks decades before Solid Snake was ever solid).

Also being chatted up is the status of the much belated Metal Gear Solid Rising starring wussy-turned-cyborg-uber-badass Raiden.  Recently, fans got nervous about Rising’s progress since the title saw a change in production hands as Shigenobu Matsuyama was replaced as main producer by Yuji Korekado.

I’m just tossing names at you, I don’t expect you to know these individuals; just keep note that the later, Korekado, is also responsible for the eagerly awaited Zone of the Enders HD Collection that’s set to melt faces in the near future.

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