Find Hell with Evolve’s Debut Trailer Actual quote from a 2K...

Find Hell with Evolve’s Debut Trailer

Actual quote from a 2K staffer: “Everyone that gets their hands on it, falls in love with it.”

The formula’s simple. Four hunters versus one beast. The particulars are percolating: each hunter is its own unique class, playing a role in a, hopefully, well oiled machine. The hunted, while outnumbered, is a hulking, evolving beast completely at home in the wild.

Turtle Rock wants to capture that same catching playability that made their previous effort, the original Left 4 Dead, such an infectious hit. If 2K’s word and early press reports are to be believed, they might not be too far off. Right beside Destiny and Titanfall, the next-generation may have found a new poster boy.

The trailer above ain’t exactly gameplay, unfortunately, but is rendered using the in-game engine. To make up for this, an irresistibly bitching cover of Danzig’s “Mother” – as performed by folk rock starlet Lissie – underscores the trailer. I can’t stop listening to it. I don’t quite understand why our next-gen trailers are populated by modern, female vocalized covers of ‘90’s songs, but if it continues, I won’t need to.

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