First Project X Zone Gameplay Trailer Depicts Crossover Mayhem...

First Project X Zone Gameplay Trailer Depicts Crossover Mayhem

The brainchild of Namco Bandai in an attempt to formulate the perfect dream crossover, Project X Zone has been marked for release in Japan this year.  The same cannot be said for the Western market, as no parties involved have commented on an international release for this 3DS exclusive strategy RPG sprite-frenzy.

It’s important to note that while it’s easy to draw comparisons, this is not a sequel to Namco x Capcom – another Namco published tactical-RPG crossover (it’s a popular genre over there) that shunned stateside release on the grounds it was so cripplingly niche.  Just because this game is an absolute dead-fucking-ringer for Namco x Capcom, does not mean it’s okay to think of it as a sequel, spiritual or otherwise.  The very thought endangers a U.S. release (Ed: It doesn’t).

Perhaps Project X Zone is trying to strike a different chord than its predecessor, though.  Trailers and screens sure have been centered on the action-RPG side of the game (along with some beautiful, fighting game-esque combos) while not really touching the touted tactical aspects.  I’ll keep you posted once more comes down the pipeline.  In the meantime, the best chance at getting this one localized is sounding off your interest one way or another.

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