Game Informer Cover Teasing Next Gears of War You thought...

Game Informer Cover Teasing Next Gears of War

You thought Microsoft would come to E3 without packing the big guns?  For shame.  Game Informer admits they typically like revealing what game is featured as their cover story the week before their magazine stuffs your mailbox with editorial goodness.  But in a courtesy gesture to Epic and Microsoft, we won’t get to know what this Gears is, or even what it’s called, until Monday’s E3 conference where the publisher will officially announce the title.

At a glance, I’m guessing the neon-handcuffed figure is a young Marcus Fenix – we first meet Marcus in a prison cell during the opening moments of Gears of War 1 – and that this new installment is actually a prequel.  Anyone recall those murmurs way back when about a new prequel trilogy?  Those rumors circulated around the fact that Bulletstorm’s dev house, People Can Fly, were to take over the GoW series, finally putting us in the midst of the often referenced Pendulum Wars.

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