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Geek-Art, an Anthology, is now on sale in the United States. 

And in other English speaking countries of course, but the fact that this personal project I’ve been running for four years is now in bookstores in the country where pop culture was born is truly magic to me. And what a publisher : Chronicle Books is a giant, and always had a special connection with pop culture. I’m particularly proud to see what Geek-Art has become today, especially when you think that all began with a few posts on Bob Dob on my personal Facebook account. Then came the blog, the books, the art shows in Paris and Brussels, and of course the Rebel Alliance with French Paper Art Club, and our official Batman. So yeah, this is a very, very nice year for Geek-Art, and I still have lots of surprises for you… So I want to thank my French publisher Huginn&Muninn, all the artists that trusted me to create this giant portfolio dedicated to their art, and of course you, faithful readers of It’s only a start. But what a start ! World conquest is on. May the Force be With You, Live Long and Prosper, Geronimo, Allons-y, and long live pop culture !

Available for pre-order at Barnes and NobleIndie BoundsAmazon and of course Chronicle Books !

Been following these folks nigh on forever. Burn the internet, get them in print.

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