Glitch Gaming Apparel Needs Your Help Hi, guys, my name’s Kevin....

Glitch Gaming Apparel Needs Your Help

Hi, guys, my name’s Kevin. I spend my spare time plaguing the internet with my gaming blog The Red Herb. It’s okay if you haven’t heard of it; I made it and I’m barely familiar with it. The rest of the time, though, I work for an incredibly unique company called Glitch Gaming Apparel. When it was founded six years ago, the philosophy behind Glitch was to create a branding specially tailored for gamers; a name that people would immediately associate with awesome gaming wear.

Glitch began with just four original t-shirts and my boss’s garage. Today, Glitch does officially licensed merchandise for franchises like Assassin’s CreedBorderlands, Portal, and Bioshock. If you’ve been to a major convention in the past few years — be it SDCC, NYCC, either PAX, AnimeExpo, etc. — you might’ve seen the Glitch booth. You might even already own one of our shirts! Despite partnerships with juggernauts like Valve and 2K Games, and despite a nationwide presence, Glitch is still a relatively small company, kept aloft by a skeleton crew of workers (myself included) that have to wear many hats to fulfill the day-to-day.

Here’s where you can help us dramatically.

Chase, in partnership with Google, is awarding just 12 small businesses a $250k grant. This grant would be an astronomical boost to Glitch, allowing us to expand and strengthen our business. We’d finally be able to pull our website out of the dinosaur age with a redesign, dormant projects would instantly be funded (extending our available product line), and, most importantly, we’d be able to create jobs, opening our doors up to dedicated, creative, and game-crazy individuals that want to help Glitch grow into the gamer’s brand it was envisioned to be.

Vote for Glitch right here!

The whole process above takes no more than thirty seconds. If you can find the time, your support would be monumentally appreciated. We’re already working on several ways we can give back to you guys out in the web-space, so be sure to keep an eye on The Herb and our friends Galaxy Next Door in the very near future. 

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