Grand Theft Auto V (PS3/X360) - Spring 2013 Three different...

Grand Theft Auto V (PS3/X360) - Spring 2013

Three different characters each equipped with their own skills and abilities.  A world environment bigger than Red Dead, San Andreas, GTAIV combined.  Complex, story-impacting missions.  Rockstar Games is back and they’re looking to redefine the open-world genre the only way they know how: with a shitload of style.

Just about every one of GTA’s conventions has been retooled or rethought, from weightier physics on vehicles to give them a more grounded quality to modified melee combat.  If a mechanic didn’t feel polished before, Rockstar’s obsessive eye for perfectionism has likely scrutinized the hell out of it.  And don’t expect to run through the motions; GTAV’s modernized vision of Los Santos will let you explore in ways previously barred from players like searching fully rendered underwater environments.

Grand Theft Auto is a gaming cultural phenomenon.  One of the very few brand names that quite literally sells itself.  It’d be easy for a developer to coast along on that kind of recognition with very little effort put forth.  But if not for Rockstar’s pursuit for innovation and penchant to reinvent themselves, I doubt we would have made it all the way to the Roman numeral V.  Anything less than “unprecedented” just isn’t their style.

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