Grand Theft Auto V’s Latest Trailer Out Next Week Enjoy the calm...

Grand Theft Auto V’s Latest Trailer Out Next Week

Enjoy the calm while it lasts, folks.  A veritable media mudslide is about to crush us.  After maintaining a thick air of secrecy around their virtual license to print money, Rockstar is nearly ready to blow the lid off of Grand Theft Auto V.

The game’s been made ready to pre-order, Game Informer is days off from their exhaustive feature on the game, and November 14th is our launch date for a brand new trailer.  Officially, that’s all the information Rockstar wants me to share…

Unofficially, we already have internet friendlies allegedly reporting the juiciest details from Game Informer’s December issue (no further proof than his word, that is, so I repeat: allegedly).  I won’t divulge too much here (hit that link if you want…I don’t know what you’d call them.  Gameplay spoilers?) but one of the more interesting details revealed is the ability to switch between two main protagonists on the fly.

Depicting contrasting generations of criminal – the young against the old – is a fascinating storytelling tool and an intriguing gameplay mechanic.  Will it work for Rockstar’s monolithic open-world crime franchise?  Time will tell (along with some generous hands-on sessions).  But who better than the mighty Rockstar to try?

[Ed: A Game Informer staff member eloquently pointed out that the leaked info is “total bullshit.”  I think he’s trying to say at least some of this information is faulty.]

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