Here’s your first look at Funko’s Resident Evil Pops!Goddamnit....

Here’s your first look at Funko’s Resident Evil Pops!

Goddamnit. I’ve tried for a very long time to swear off this Pop Vinyl collecting craze. I live in a small apartment; I don’t have the room for useless shit.

But then I saw these little bastards and decided in all of three and a half seconds I was going to own them all. I always have room for useless Resident Evil shit.

There’s no preorder info up yet, but if you’re trying to hunt down exclusives, keep in mind the 6″ Hunter can be found at Gamestop and the 6″ Tyrant at Hot Topic. Is it disappointing that Nemesis isn’t a super-sized Pop? Sure, but with that fucking Hellraiser grin of his, maybe it’s a good thing he isn’t any bigger.

Shout out to for spotting these behind the deluge of Witcher Pop excitement.

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