“I Love Meeting New People” Every look I get at Sucker Punch’s...

“I Love Meeting New People”

Every look I get at Sucker Punch’s Second Son, the yearning in me runs deep.  Though it doesn’t borrow its characters from the hallowed pages of comic book lore, the Infamous series are the best superhero games this side of Arkham.

Second Son’s winning design conceit is in Deslin’s power.  Rather than mirroring Cole McGrath by owning only one ability, Deslin can absorb the powers of fellow Conduits, turning him into skully-clad rolodex of a demigod.

In this new trailer fresh off the Gamescom floors, young master Rowe chances upon Abigail Walker, a Conduit with electricity-based powers (or possibly plasma based?) who has taken to superpowered violence to get her point across to the world.  I don’t think its a leap to figure that dispatching or sparing other Conduits plays into Infamous’ now signature Good or Evil morality system.

The rewards may be too good to pass up, though, and by the way Deslin is able to suck the juice out of a marquee sign by the end of the trailer, I think he agrees.

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