“I still have some characters left to be revealed that comply...

“I still have some characters left to be revealed that comply with some of your requests, even ‘bringing back’ several others. Even so, none of them are paid DLC. I will continue to sincerely comply with fan requests. However, I can’t continue to engage the negative ones that, without knowing what you are talking about, or even thinking about what you are saying, blindly repeat 'bring back, bring back, bring back…’ After this lengthy explanation, I will be quite surprised if there are still people who still don’t get [the game].

Thanks for understanding or not understanding. Whatever.”

Tekken Tag Tournament 2’s chief producer, Katsuhiro Harada, at the tail end of a rather long Twitter diatribe telling fans to shut the hell up about bringing back original voice actors and characters.

If you hop to his open letter, it’s an unpleasant, crabby read that’ll be sure to sour Tekken fans whose only crime was being annoyingly passionate about their beloved fighter.  I still feel absolutely justified in Tweet-bombing him about bringing back Alex.  Harada, you can’t just lash out at your fans unless you’re able to back up your talk with a boxing fucking raptor.

[By the way, if you seriously think I’ve ever gone as far as to bother Harada online about the inclusion of a boxing fucking raptor, I really don’t know how to help you.]

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