Injustice: Gods Among Us Announced as NetherRealm’s Followup...

Injustice: Gods Among Us Announced as NetherRealm’s Followup Fighter

Those of you anxiously awaiting a second part to NetherRealm’s massively successful Mortal Kombat reboot may have to ice those hopes for now, but Ed Boon and company have something pretty damn super to show you nonetheless.

The heroes and villains of the DC Universe are once more pitted against each other in subhuman combat, trading blows and devastating powers in a fighting game that’s not too far off from the studio’s previous, bloodier effort.  This time, your combatants are strong enough to hurl cars, punch each other through scenery, and even utilize gadgets to lop-side a fair fight.  Of course, NetherRealm is pulling another wire act when it comes to balancing characters so that Superman is unable to pop skulls like blood balloons (though he can still uppercut you through the stratosphere…a decently big “ouchie”).

With a roster said to be as large as Mortal Kombat’s on-disc lineup, there will at least be 25 to 30 scrappers from DC’s back catalog.  You can expect extremely familiar faces like Bats, Wonder Woman, and Supes, but I hope NetherRealm really digs into the license and pulls out some woefully underused heroes and villains (Bat Woman, anyone?  How about The Question?  Hell, I’ll settle for Booster Gold…I gotta get 52 outta my head).

Slated for somewhere in 2013, expect to find Injustice on the PS3, 360, and Wii U.

Watch the teaser trailer here.

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