Is Final Fantasy Versus XIII Our New XV? Originally a part of the...

Is Final Fantasy Versus XIII Our New XV?

Originally a part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis family tree of Final Fantasy games, Versus XIII has been in development longer than our President has been in office.  Sporadic trailers and screen have appeared over the last six years but every new detail comes with huge intervals of complete silence.  Versus XIII has become the white whale of JRPG’s, fans all but giving up hope they’d see the mythical beast break the water’s surface and arise from the depths of development hell.

With E3 a weekend’s hurdle away, strung-along Versus XIII fans may be in for a surprise announcement next week if this leaked video is anything to be believed.  Supposedly captured during Square Enix’s pre-E3 conference held behind closed doors on May 30th, the footage depicts a trailer for Versus XIII spotted with familiar imagery including the game’s broody main, Noctis.

Apparently the trailer’s nothing new – it being comprised of an older trailer – but what’s sure to grab fans’ attention is the fact that Square Enix branded the demo reel with a Final Fantasy XV logo followed by PS3 and Wii U icons, confirming which consoles the game’s coming to.  Let me reformulate that for you: Versus XIII is alive and well, and it’s now our new Final Fantasy XV.

Gauge your feelings and center yourself; we’re not sure this is real until Square Enix is sure we’re sure.  Still, a lot of the rumors whizzing around these days and smacking forums, blogs, and press outlets are either being outright confirmed by companies or have enough evidence to support them where we don’t need no stinkin’ confirmations.  But I especially hope this one’s legitimate.  Versus XIII, XV, Chocobo Chronicles – it matters little what they call it, I just want this very unique and long-in-the-making RPG to finally happen already.

Oh, and also have it blow my mind hard enough to fragment my skull.  Simple request.

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