Is Resident Evil Gaiden a real game or just a internet joke?

Q: Is Resident Evil Gaiden a real game or just a internet joke?

Resident Evil Gaiden was a Game Boy Color game which saw a U.S. release in 2002.  It’s the first of Capcom’s “I’m On a Motherfuckin’ Boat” Trilogy of spin-off’s that continued with the light gun shooter, Resident Evil: Dead Aim, and finished with the legitimately good Resident Evil: Revelations.  While these three titles have little to nothing in common, they sure did put Resident Evil on a motherfuckin’ boat.

Gaiden primarily takes place from a top-down perspective but shifts into first-person combat when B.O.W.s and zombies attack your pixelated character.  The game’s closest claim to quality comes in the form of a script by Code: Veronica’s writer, but the story and plot twists (such as evil Leon!) are completely disregarded in following titles since most gamers that know anything about the game past its title hate the hell out of it.  Yes, it is an internet joke, but still an actual game.

Now, you may be confusing the cancelled Game Boy port for the original Resident Evil with Gaiden.  The port recently popped up on the internet’s radar when a collector attained two incomplete carts for the game.  They were teased but withheld from the wild until a $2000 fundraiser quota was met.  Resident Evil GBC, while also an internet joke, is just as real (but not set on any of the aforementioned Motherfuckin’ Boats).

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