“It’s challenging. A lot of people put a lot of time and effort...

It’s challenging. A lot of people put a lot of time and effort into the game and obviously we’d like to see the review scores be a little better than they are right now.  In the end, I think our position on it is that we read every review and we try to pull out all the constructive feedback that we can so we can learn a little about what people liked and what they didn’t.  Then we look to what our internal goals were and what Capcom asked us to do and I think we accomplished what they wanted to do - we took the Resident Evil franchise in a different direction.”

Mike Kerr, Slant Six producer, speaking with Eurogamer about Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City’s considerably poor critical reception.

I’m working on my own impression, but as briefly as I can muster: ORC is a lopsided spinoff that meets every promising idea it has with broken, severely unpolished delivery.  I wanted so badly to love a squad-based shooter within the RE universe, and there is genuine moments of fun to be had in portions of its multiplayer offering, yet the flaws deep seeded in this game are going to be too damning and too frustrating for most gamers to want to trench through.

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