Jill and Claire MIA from Resident Evil 6? One Mr. Yoshiaki...

Jill and Claire MIA from Resident Evil 6?

One Mr. Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, currently handling producing duties on the sixth (not really, but let’s not get into it) and most ambitious game in the Resident Evil series, took it upon himself to update fans on the potential inclusion/exclusion of longtime favorite characters Jill Valentine and Claire Redfield in the latest installment.  Your hand is hovering over the panic button right now, and I totally understand (another game without Claire is another part of my soul chipped away), but hear Yoshiaki out:

We’ve heard a lot of love for Jill and Claire recently and people asking if they’ll be in the next Resident Evil.  There are many other great characters in Resident Evil 6, and we still have some very exciting character information to reveal in addition to what’s already been announced.

I’m sorry to break it to you like this, RE fandom, but the verdict is: the fuck if we know.  He didn’t actually confirm or deny their inclusion.  Other gaming sites, notably Rely on Horror, are already reporting that Jill and Claire are not in the game, but Hirabayashi’s phrasing is tricky.

The darkest shade of uncertainty comes from the line, “There are many other great characters in Resident Evil 6."  Still not a no, but closer to bad news than anything else the quote says, but keep your hopes alive with the promise that more character information is yet to come.

Until then – or until Capcom clears up the quote, supplying a firmer response – I’m holding onto the dumb hope Claire or Jill serve in some ancillary function to the story, as I never expected either to be directly playable given the fact RE6’s main cast is crowded enough.  You can take this as a "No” if you want; hell, might be smarter if you did.  No harm in inflating your expectations.

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