Keiji Pulled a Fast One: Yaiba is Actually a Ninja Gaiden...

Keiji Pulled a Fast One: Yaiba is Actually a Ninja Gaiden Spin-Off

Besides a fantastically stylized teaser trailer that clocked in just under minute, there wasn’t much information to glean from Keiji Inafune’s announcement of Yaiba.  All we were privy to were the facts that Keiji’s new development house, Comcept, would be behind the reins and that the game would feature the awesomely cataclysmic combination of zombies, ninjas, robots, and buckets of blood.

Now, with a slightly longer trailer from the Tokyo Game Show under our belt, it’s been revealed the full title of this zombie slasher is actually Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z, and that Team Ninja’s poster boy Ryu Hayabusa makes it into the game as our resurrected warrior’s nemesis – Ryu having murdered the crap out of you before you became the ultimate undead killer.  It’s unclear if Hayabusa will serve a playable role in the game, but to be absolutely fair, we’re still in the dark when it comes to most things Yaiba.

Helping Comcept with development duties, Spark Unlimited (Lost Planet 3) is joining forces with Inafune to deliver this sword frenzy into our hands while Team Ninja oversees production.  Stay tuned as more information drizzles our way.

In the meantime, check out this extended trailer for Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z.

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