Kojima Seeking Studio to Remake Metal Gear Solid (Again) The ever...

Kojima Seeking Studio to Remake Metal Gear Solid (Again)

The ever mischievous and happily cryptic Hideo Kojima participated in a roundtable discussion at this year’s E3 and, par for the friggin’ course, all things Metal Gear highlighted the conversation.

GameReacter had the inside scoop on the renown developer’s musings – be sure to chow down on the full article here – including his thoughts on the controversy surrounding David Hayter’s replacement as Snake – Keifer Sutherland can pull off the physicality of the performance as well as the signature rasp, apparently – and his vote for favored next-gen console – “I think I’ll buy both,” said Kojima.  “But at the same time, they’ll probably send them to me."  Though, he jokingly admitted the PS4’s price sways his vote (Konami’s PR team made sure every journalist in a fifteen mile radius understood completely that Kojima was joking).

The mini-conference took a turn for the noteworthy when Hideo had to field a question regarding the MGS motion picture and another concerning potential Fox Engine remakes of classic series titles.  The wheels on MGS: The Movie are still turning with Kojima reaffirming his involvement on the project (moviegoers, prepare to have your definition of "convoluted” redefined).

Getting to the goddamn headline, he also revealed intentions to seek out a studio willing to adapt the original Metal Gear Solid to the Fox Engine.  It’s a surprising move considering a remake of the first game already exists in the form of The Twin Snakes – a Gamecube only affair developed by Silicon Knights (Eternal Darkness, Too Human, X-Men: Fuckery).  Though, a newer remake seems to land within reason given that Nintendo’s exclusivity rights over Twin Snakes have held it back from two separate HD collections.

Stay your excitement, most Solid ones.  A Fox Engine remake of the seminal classic is merely in the “Twinkle in His Eye” phase for Kojima.  Don’t forget he has a full on sequel in The Phantom Pain to release unto the world; delighting, exciting, and confusing the living hell out of us in the near future.

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