Legendary Producing Dead Rising Movie for Crackle Capcom’s...

Legendary Producing Dead Rising Movie for Crackle

Capcom’s carnage caked open-world zombie series is making the jump to the silver screen – just not the big one.

Legendary Pictures’ digital division is producing an adaptation of Dead Rising set to premiere on Crackle. After Crackle’s exclusivity run ends, the film will release via DVD, SVOD, TV, and VOD, available as a feature-length or broken up into episodic format (which… worries me, though I can’t quite figure out where this well of doubt finds water).

Working from a script by Tim Carter (who wrote 2012’s stupidly underrated Sleeping Dogs) and from the production company that put together the Mortal Kombat: Legacy web-series, the narrative follows four hapless mains navigating through a wide-scale zombie outbreak while searching for the focal point of infection.

Several ingredients from the games make their way into the story including a (worthless) vaccine meant to stave off infection, government conspiracy, and the media’s eye on the apocalypse. It’s uncertain if the series’ signature taste for madness – which runs anywhere between ridiculous DIY weapons of slaughter and main characters crowd-surfing zombies in speedos – will find its way into the adaptation. But, really, why the hell adapt Dead Rising if you’re going to zap the fun out of it?

No date is in place for the film just yet.

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