Making Aliens: Colonial Marines Episode II - Those Goddamn...

Making Aliens: Colonial Marines Episode II - Those Goddamn Xenomorphs

Gearbox has opened up the hood on their video game love letter to the Alien franchise in another web doc, this time focusing on the acid/hate filled xenomorphs.  Gearbox is going above and beyond in order to capture the essence of Jimmy Cameron’s flick, but more interesting to learn is how the developer is filling in the gaps the films never covered.

What does a marine see when he slips on a smartgun’s digital eye-patch?  If the xenos are like ants – each with a specific purpose in its “hive” – then are there different kinds of aliens we haven’t seen before?  Gearbox has answers to both and the results almost serve Colonial Marines to the point where it could’ve fit snugly in the movie saga if it had been filmed in live action instead of coded on computers.

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