Man Attempts to Smuggle Blow in Xbox 360, Probably Voids Warranty...

Man Attempts to Smuggle Blow in Xbox 360, Probably Voids Warranty

Deputies of the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office in Texas arrested a middle-aged gentleman during a routine traffic stop last week.  Carlos Valenzuela, aged 42, appeared nervous during the stop, prompting deputies to search his Mercedes Benz for the source of his jitters.  1.8 kilograms of cocaine were found in Valenzuela’s possession in three brick-like bundles.

One bundle was recovered from a bag his eyes kept darting to on his passenger seat, but the real kicker were the two bricks (above) stuffed within an original model Xbox 360.  Internalized components such as the heat sinks were removed from the system so that the hidden glad stuff could rest snugly on the motherboard.  The disc drive is missing, but in a clever little touch, parts of the disc tray remain (the piece of black plastic in the second picture) giving the console the outward illusion of functionality.

Carlos was charged with manufacture/delivery of a controlled substance and put on a hefty $25,000 bond.  Believe it or not, law enforcement officials cannot decipher that you’re transporting three bricks of California cornflakes, telepathically or otherwise.  Valenzuela’s tell to deputies was that he failed to signal a turn.  And if adherence to the rules of road isn’t the true lesson here, I don’t know what is.

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