Man From Future Enslaved By PlayStations Destroys PS4 Having...

Man From Future Enslaved By PlayStations Destroys PS4

Having witnessed his entire family captured and assimilated by the PlayStation 4’s sentient descendant – known in 2084 as “KillStations” – this Montreal man braved a wormhole through time in order to arrive at a Best Buy midnight event for Sony’s newly launched console.

With the images of his loved ones’ pained expressions still flashing before his mind’s eye, the time traveler tore through the unit’s stylish cardboard housing, gutted the prize within, and began slamming the PS4 against the ground over and over again until it was a mess of snapped plastic and thrashed metal.

Of course, it was the seventeenth update to PSN, in which the new AI program overseeing video content gained nuclear launch codes, that ended the Age of Man, but the catharsis displayed here is made no less poignant by that fact.

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