Mass Effect 3’s ‘Leviathan’ DLC Incoming This Summer (Wii U...

Mass Effect 3’s ‘Leviathan’ DLC Incoming This Summer (Wii U Release…Er, Later)

The first story-based DLC to drop for Mass Effect 3 since the Extended Cut, EA and Bioware have confirmed that Shepard’s the universe over will be able to download the Leviathan DLC sometime this Summer.

Given the somewhat final nature of the game’s closing, Leviathan is a side-story taking place during the Commander’s last minute shuffle to prepare the galaxy for (hopeless, one-sided) war against the Reapers.  In his/her travels, rumors circulate around tales of an entity or creature of immense power; maybe powerful enough to stop the Reapers.  On the hunt for this supposed Leviathan (a being that may just be a Reaper itself), Shepard will visit new systems, tread unseen ground on the Citadel, befriend new characters, and learn more about our sentient doom-bringers than ever before.

Leviathan, to be made available at either $10 or 800 MS on PC, PSN, and Xbox Live, also comes packing new arsenal: the AT-12 Shotgun and the M-55 Argus Assault Rifle.  If that’s not enough for you to take on the cosmos at large (and you’d be right), August 7th brings the Firefight Pack, a weapons payload for single-player campaign use that features two brand new guns as well as an additional five space heaters to the tune of $2.  In case you want to be…thorough.

If you’re one of the few holding out for the Wii U version of Mass Effect 3 (…anyone?  Anyone out there?  I literally hear cobwebs), your bewildering patience will pay off as Bioware is bundling most of the game’s current DLC as on-disc content, including both the Extended Cut and Leviathan.  An interactive recap of the first two ME titles will also be thrown in so you Nintendo faithful can catch up on all the sci-fi goodness without being bogged down by all that unnecessarily fun gameplay.  Like the Wii U itself, no date was placed on the ME3 port.

Catch a glimpse of Leviathan hereabouts.

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