Max Payne 3 - Solving Dilemmas with Bullets James MacCaffrey...

Max Payne 3 - Solving Dilemmas with Bullets

James MacCaffrey reprises the titular role of New York’s most beat down cop.  With Max Payne 3, taking the cop out of New York doesn’t necessarily mean you can take the surgically-precise killer out of the cop…Or something to that effect.  Watch Rockstar’s new trailer, ‘Going After the Girl,’ and you’ll see what I mean.

The trailer also comes tagged with a reminder for fans looking to shell out on the Special Edition of the game – you have until April 2nd to get those pre-orders in lest you miss out on owning a 10-inch Max statue.  Pressing a button at the base of the statue will emit classic Max-isms like “He was trying to buy more sand for his hour glass, I wasn’t selling any” or “Pain to the Max!” or, my favorite, “It’s bullet-time!”

Maybe I’m exaggerating a few facts.  You won’t know until you get your hands on the Special Edition (or correctly guess that I’m lying).  Max Payne rises May 15th for your PC, PS3, or Xbox 360.

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