Metal Gear Solid 5? Kojima Says It’s Definitely Happening In an...

Metal Gear Solid 5? Kojima Says It’s Definitely Happening

In an interview with the French magazine IG Magazine, Hideo Kojima confirmed what we’ve already guessed: Metal Gear Solid 5 is in its early planning stages.  True to form, Kojima revealed little save for the fact his studio’s new FOX Engine will power the sequel.  The FOX Engine is a veritable monster whose muscles are much too large for puny current-gen consoles, meaning we probably won’t have MGS5 in our hands until the next cycle.

Murmurs and even scattered ideas from Hideo himself hint at another go-around with the infamous Big Boss (and possibly the invasion of Normandy), but the game designer says we haven’t seen the last of Solid Snake even though the icon was intended to (Fox) die in last installment.

Hideo also dropped an interesting tidbit that may point to changes to come for the stealth-action series: “There will be more infiltration, espionage, and convincing people to do you ‘a favor’ like in the last Metal Gear Solid.  I liked the idea of social interactions in Deus Ex: Human Revolution."  Could this mean conversation trees?  Divergent paths?  Hell, he could say the cutscenes will have cutscenes and I’ll still pick it up.  I can’t wait to see how Metal Gear evolves next.

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