Mortal Kombat: Legacy - Round Two Begins This Month Kevin...

Mortal Kombat: Legacy - Round Two Begins This Month

Kevin Tancharoen’s out-of-nowhere adaptation of the fighting game mythos quickly usurped the two feature-length films Hollywood originally backed in the ‘90’s – all in the span of nine short webisodes.

Legacy doesn’t even hedge closely to the series’ expansive (and achingly convoluted) canon, yet the first, noticeably low budget season succeeded in capturing the atmosphere, action, and – most importantly to fans – bone-crunching brutality that the games became infamous for.

September 26th kicks off Season II’s ten-episode arc which finally depicts our supernaturally powered assortment of virtuous and nefarious kombatants duking it the hell out in the namesake tournament. If this series debuted when the MK media machine burned with fiery intent back in its prime, this franchise would have conquered the world. Shit, sorry. Konquered*

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