Neo-Umbrella? Dual-Wielding?! Resident Evil 6 Got Itself an E3...

Neo-Umbrella?  Dual-Wielding?!  Resident Evil 6 Got Itself an E3 Trailer, Too!

Your eyes will thank you for watching it.

My most anticipated release of the year continues to remind me just why that is every time I see it.

There’s still a few more demonstrations to be had at E3 – including footage of both Chris and Jake’s respective campaigns – but I’m gonna call it right now and predict RE6 won’t be that scary.  The creeping, pervasive darkness from the original titles returns yet the action elements first found in RE4 are not only back but they’re on boulder-destroying steroids laced with explosive crack.  Don’t listen to me, though, I’m pretty desensitized to horror, so figuring out what’s scary for others is like trying to recommend a good beer without ever having owned a tongue.

If it’s not old school scares, then why does RE6 top my list this year?  Well, for one, I’m actually fascinated by the gameplay changes (you may not like the direction, but RE does action well) and I feel this collection of characters looks to have one of the most intriguing dynamics in the series yet, coming together despite where their turbulent lives have taken them (some of them physically and emotionally altered from when we’ve seen them last).  That, and I’m a sucker for anything Resident Evil (even if it sucks right back).

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