New Aliens Trailer Comes with Bad News, Marines After a...

New Aliens Trailer Comes with Bad News, Marines

After a flip-flopping ETA on Gearbox’s official website – and Sega’s complete silence on the matter – Aliens: Colonial Marines has fell from its unspecified Spring release period to an unspecified release date in the Fall of this year.

Gearbox has commented on the delay stating, “our goal is to make a great game, and we are prioritizing this goal over the previously targeted date."  I’m all about giving Colonial Marines more time to gestate – especially given my attachment to the source material – but, suffering xenomorphs, this game’s been brewing since the outlandishly distant past of 2009.

January is a miserable time for gaming – barely any new releases drop, publishers withhold big news for conventions, and you find out you have to wade through the months before you get your hands on anxiously awaited titles.  Stay tuned for developments between now and, sigh, Autumn.

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